Take A Break!

Most people who know me can tell you that I love going out of town. When you see that #BentleyGirlsVacay floating around social media, just know I’m about to go on an adventure. I actually have two vacations coming up, one to Myrtle Beach with the family, and another on my DREAM TRIP to Jamaica with friends. I’m so excited about Jamaica that I’m sure I’ll cry because I’m a cry baby. One thing I’ve realized is when to take a break. I don’t have to have enough vacation hours and I don’t have to have a lot of money saved, I just need a way to my destination.

I thank my cousin Renata for being that person who will make me want to get out and live. Of course, I have always traveled growing up and I am grateful that my parents wanted us to see what was beyond my hometown. Road trips and hopping on a plane are now apart of me. I have seen what not taking a break does to me, and that’s an ugly picture. I had to remember that if I don’t take care of myself, no one will. Work can wait, friends don’t have to go, and I can explore or relax. People who say they don’t need to take a break have this thing all wrong. Working yourself like a slave is detrimental to your mental health as well.

All work and no play sounds stupid as heck. I mean, what’s the point of working if you don’t get to enjoy the fruit of your labor? Life can’t always be about making money. It’s the equivalent to owning a Lamborghini and never driving it. Weird! Most people know that you can do your best work after a mental break. You can dig into your creativity when allow your mind to just be at ease and free. Don’t work yourself to death because when you die, they will have your job posted before the end of that day. Take time for yourself even if it’s not an actual trip. Get a massage, treat yourself to a fancy meal, upgrade your pedicure, take a “me day.” Give yourself a much needed break.

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