Boss Up

When I tell y’all I’m about to BOSS UP, I totally mean it. I have become a totally different person since April of this year. I have even scared myself at the progress and character transformation that has occurred. You know when you scare yourself, it’s something serious. I just feel as if I have been held down too long. The bad part is that I’ve done it to myself. That is the main reason reason why I owe it to myself to level up. My motivation level is through the roof. I feel as though when I’m pushing others forward, I get a push as well. I have found my true purpose and it’s always been encouraging others. A part of me has always been a motivator, and my career has allowed me to do just that.

Most people don’t know that Monica means counselor or wise one. I can honestly say that I have not always made the wisest decisions, but it’s never too late to start. The time has come for me to live out my destiny. No longer will I allow myself to be shorted due to fear. Fear has no chains on me and upwards is the direction my life will be going from now on. I want to pull this same energy and drive out of everyone associated with me. We cannot accept mediocrity when I know you have Greatness In You! We complain and we remain right in the situations we hate the most. It’s time for a change and I dare you to step into the fullness of your destiny, starting TODAY. This is a call to all the bosses to stop talking about it and be about it. Let’s Go to the top!

4 thoughts on “Boss Up

    1. I absolutely loved this post! Why accept mediocrity, when greatness is within us. A lot of times, I feel as though fear is a learned behavior. When I look at small, children they seem like little dare devils. As we get older, we allow fear, in one form or another, to stop or detour us from our path to greatness. I completely agree, it’s time to boss up, that we may reach our highest potential, thrusting us into our God given destiny! I love it, keep it up Mon 😀

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