Lessons From Tyler Perry

Being a blogger, I’m starting to learn a few valuable lessons. One of the first lessons is to validate yourself before depending on anyone else to do so. As I’m writing a blog or even making notes to write one, I say aloud that it’s going to be good. When it’s really good, I yell out that I’m going to be famous. My coworkers already think I’m crazy, so they just laugh and go on. But you have to be your number One fan because nowadays people won’t support you like you think they will. Tyler Perry learned this lesson all too well, stating that Hollywood ignored him. Now check him out doing BIG things all because he believed in himself.

When Tyler Perry first got on the scene it was mixed reviews. I, for one, have always loved his plays and I liked the movies as well. But you will always have critics, no matter what kind of work you do. People were complaining about him wearing a dress to get money, meanwhile he was doing it big with just the plays. I think it’s safe to say that putting on a dress was well worth it. It’s drama folks! People will try to discourage you because they think you should fit in a certain box. The key to standing out is to not even see a box and just be you. And that’s exactly why Perry is in the position he is in now. Living large and taking charge, as the famous B.A.P.S. movie would say.

One thing I admire most about Tyler Perry is not only his dedication to hard work, but the fact that he helps people. We recently saw that he hired a woman who spent her last on a billboard post asking him for a job. While the masses mocked her, he actually gave her a job! He’s dedicated to taking the lesser choice of people and allowing them to shine. I wonder what kind of world we would have if we all followed suite. Instead of displaying the same people over and over, we gave the underdogs a chance. As much money as there is in show business, we can stand to give more people an opportunity to be stars.

Another lesson we can learn from Tyler Perry is to consider your audience. He went with the mindset to entertain all types of people, but focused on his own people too. He focused on the minority people who often get looked over or judged before they can show their talent. When he saw that the minorities were not taken seriously, he began to do work that they were able to understand and appreciate. We often overlook our own, trying to put on for those who don’t want to understand or want us in their circle. That’s when you have to be like Perry and make your own circle, put your own people on, and build your brand. This has been such an inspiration to me in the fact that he started from the bottom and now owns a studio larger than the people who apparently did not accept him. Goes to show that if you want to win, you don’t need that backing from others, you just need to work hard and build your brand. It takes time, but it’s worth it!

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