Go Out Further

Around this time of year, people are looking for hope. Maybe they set out with a goal at the beginning of the year, but somewhere along the way it never came to pass. It’s different this year because we not only have to reflect back on the year, but on the decade. I can truly say that from 2010 to right now, life has been a roller coaster! I started my path to a Master’s degree in 2010 and now I’m looking to expand my horizons because of that goal being accomplished. Yeah, it only took me 10 years to seriously get ready for something new. We tend to look for a prophetic word that will encourage us to keep pressing on towards our goals. Well, consider this your message. Actually, consider this your call to action or an assignment to greatness. Today’s message is simply GO OUT FURTHER.

I recently went snorkeling on a girls trip. My friend had never been before, so she asked if we would be snorkeling by the dock. I informed her that we would have to go into the deep water to really see the good stuff. Thinking back on it, that was the prophetic word that I needed for myself. I needed to go beyond what I knew and security to the deep water to get the good experiences. The thing about “dock diving” is that it’s so muddy from people not getting out of their comfort zones that you would never get a real glimpse of the nice views. You have to be willing to swim with the big fish to see the clear views and amazing things. It sounds scary because amongst those big fish can be sharks, but how will you grow if you are always comfortable?

Once you’ve been exposed to the view of the world outside a box, you realize the things you can have. It’s why I admonish everyone to explore this big beautiful world and take advantage of the great things out there. Maybe you didn’t do well the first time around in school. You know you have to go back to be a nurse. Maybe you’re business didn’t get off the ground because you were too young to take it seriously. Last time you helped 10 people, stretch out and help 30 this time. We often limit ourselves to wonderful possibilities because we won’t simply try again. What do you need to try again so you can reach your greatest potential? I believe we can make this home stretch work for us if we’d get on top of things now. It could make for a clearer view in year 2020!

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