New Life

There’s an old school gospel song that’s asks a profound question. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, where would I be? Some go on singing and never truly think about the answer. I, on the other hand, am very honest in my answer. I’d be DEAD! Thinking back on all of the things I’ve been shielded from is jaw dropping and nothing less than miraculous. I’m so thankful that my relationship with God has steadily grown over the years. I’m glad church has always been a literal God send for me.

I grew up totally in love with church. I always wanted to go and sit in the front with my aunt Lois. We went to Sunday school every week, attended afternoon services, and went to vacation Bible schools faithfully. We had Zion district weekly classes, went to National Baptist Congress, and participated in church teas and fashion shows. I even CRIED my way into the choir, as you had to be baptized and I just wanted to sing. It was always a joy to go to church and I even took notes as a kid. It was building my knowledge and thirst for Christ.

Because of my rigorous church life, my relationship with God began to grow. I began reading scriptures on my own due to being told I should know the Word for myself. I had a true hunger for Christ at a young age. I wasn’t always perfect, but I tried my best to acknowledge God daily. After all, He deserved it! It got to the point where my hunger began to grow and I knew I needed to seek a place of worship that would appease my appetite more. I decided to join New Life In Christ. It was exactly what I needed.

I loved the fact that it was a nondenominational church. Not that I have anything against any other church, but this was fitting for my particular growth in my relationship with God. Bishop Kevin and Pastor Linda Willis taught many lessons that affirmed my choice to join, as well as fed me properly in aid of my faith growing. One particular sermon Pastor Linda preached that stuck with me, was get out of the boat. That sermon has been in my spirit for years and I’m amazed that I’m actually getting out of my boat and going for a water walking miracle.

Bishop preached a sermon once that has resonated loud in my spirit as well. He stated that when he pushed past the “Baptist ceiling” he realized there was so much more to being in relationship with Christ. It had nothing to do with bylaws, but having the knowledge that more is available to me when I focus on God and not just church. New Life has given me just that. It’s been an amazing journey these last 3.5 years! I’ve learned so much and my faith has been built so that I can make better decisions in life. I’m so glad to have experienced such an amazing church family. I wish them many blessings!

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