Kobe Knew How To Play The Game

I’m definitely not one of those bandwagon people who just goes with whoever’s winning at the moment. Because of that, I wouldn’t dare say I was a die hard Kobe Bryant fan because of his recent death. I will, however, say that Kobe was one of the best basketball players who ever played the game. We can say he was a ball hog or whatever else, but in the end no one who can clearly see can deny that the brother had game. He learned the game and finessed it to a higher level, and we can see that from his numerous accolades in the NBA.

In times like these, we can’t let such a tragedy leave us down in the dumps. Although it may be hard, we must try to take a lesson from that person’s life. What did Kobe teach us? What can we glean from such a well known man? I saw one video where Kobe stayed that his guidance teacher told him not to pursue a career in basketball. (I bet she was sick when he went pro!) Kobe stated that it upset him, but he used that fuel to keep his fire going for what he knew was his destiny. How many of us have had people try to deter us from our dreams? The thing is, it’s not up to others to determine what we can and can’t do in life. That’s up to us.

Kobe had the right idea of starting young to make his dream a reality. He took the basics and finessed it to a level that made him a basketball great. Are you learning the tricks of your trade so that you can eventually put your own twist on it and become great? Or are you okay with just getting by and living to pay bills? These are important things we need to ask ourselves. The amount of work we’re willing to put in will determine our future success. Kobe knew that and showed us all what talent and hard work can do, on and off of the court. So as we mourn this huge loss, try to let these lessons push you to be a top player in whatever profession you choose.

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