How To Love A Woman From A to Z

After years of crazy relationships, I’ve decided that enough is enough. And I’m sure my fellow ladies can attest that maybe sometimes you men need a nudge in the right direction. This is definitely not a male bashing blog, so don’t run away please. If anything, pull out a pen and paper to take notes. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later. This is a “how to” blog for men who need a little help in the relationship department. Heck, even if you feel you are an expert on women, you still may want to stick around for the show. I present to you…how to love a woman from A to Z.

A: Always be honest. Women can and will always know when you’re not honest. And trust me, what’s done in the dark will come to the light.

B: Be the man you say you are. You can’t claim to be someone you’re not and expect a woman to be on board with it.

C: Call her instead of constantly texting. Texting all day is not adult-like. We’re grown!

D: Don’t cheat on her. You definitely miss your water when your well is dry.

E: Effectively communicate how you feel. A man who can’t express his feelings isn’t ready for a relationship.

F: Forget your past relationships. It’s time to live in the now. She’s not the other women, so don’t expect the same results.

G: Give her a reason to be happy to be with you. She could be with anyone, but she chose you. Make it worth her while.

H: Help her when she needs it and without her having to ask. If she needs something from the store for a work presentation, help her out by grabbing it.

I: Invest your time in the woman you’re with and she’ll do the same. Don’t waste anyone’s time being half in it.

J: Just listen to her. She’s probably telling you how to love her with her likes and dislikes.

L: Little things matter. All the little gestures add up.

M: Make her a top priority in your life or someone else will.

N: Never downplay her feelings. You can’t tell someone how to feel.

O: Observe what makes her happy and use it when she’s feeling down.

P: Pray for her. She’s more than likely doing the same for you.

Q: Quality time is always appreciated. Focus on her when you’re with her, not outside factors.

R: Raise her up when she’s low. We all need a pick me up sometimes.

S: Stand up for her. Women want a man who isn’t afraid to stand up for who they love.

T: Treat her like a lady. Open doors, get flowers, the whole nine yards.

U: Understand her better than anyone.

V: Validate her feelings. She wants to know you care about how she feels, good and bad.

W: Wake her up with a smile. The cute seemingly lame texts and gifs make women smile.

X: X-rated moments…use your imagination.

Y: Yell from the top of the mountain that you love her. Women like that kind of stuff.

Z: Zero tolerance for anyone who tries to come between you two. This can be your mama or your friends.

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