Me vs. You

Let me start by saying how awesomely amazing I am. Let me follow by saying how awesomely amazing you are as well. See, that wasn’t hard at all because we are both wonderful in our own way. If you have a problem acknowledging the greatness in someone else, then you need to evaluate yourself. We live in a society where downgrading others is too normal. How could we not? WE have reality shows that thrive off of how mean they can be to each other. Then we have the nerve to rename it “shade.” No honey, the old folks call it being nice nasty. There is Love & Hip Hop that shows that there really isn’t that much love in hip hop. Then we have The Real Housewives who are the farthest thing from real. I’m not too caught up on my reality shows, but if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Catty women, roguish men, fake friendships, and the root of it all is the trap of comparison. Why can’t we just Be Sweet? I guess we think if we dare give someone else due credit, we somehow make ourselves less than. It’s really sad that we can’t all just be great, and social media is there to add to the madness. Honestly, if you’re not a strong individual, social media can depress you by comparing yourself to your “friends.” Susie got engaged to a doctor and we all know she used to be out there. Where is my ring? Mike just got a promotion and raise, but he is a habitual liar. Trust me, I’ve been there and do not want to go back! We never know what people are going through, so comparing is a bit silly. Susie’s fiancee may beat her daily. Mike may need that raise to pay for his child’s chemo. Whatever the case we need to have a better outlook in this new year. Can we turn Me vs. You into Me & You?

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