What About Your Friends?

Catchy title, but what about your friend? Remember when we used to call everybody our friends? I would hear adults say that everybody isn’t your friend. Growing up, I was nice to everybody and I did call a lot of people my friends until we got to high school. That’s when the cliques came about and you had to fit in to get in. To be honest, I can’t really think of where I fit in. I was on the basketball team, but I was also in the choir, but I was cool with everybody because we all grew up together. Either way, these cliques did not play. Now we swear everyone is hating on us. Nah, it isn’t that many folks hating on you honey. The truth is, your so called friends aren’t as loyal as you think. If you had to sit down and evaluate, you’d be shocked.How many of your friends support you when you start a new project? How many celebrate your milestones? How many cry when they see you in real pain? You would be surprised at who really knows you. Then you have to take into consideration that you have “frienemies” who pray on your downfall. Hard to believe you have those in your circle. Watch out for the ones who want you to celebrate with them, but are ABSENT when it’s your turn. Watch out for the ones who laugh at your dreams and call them “little.” On the flip side, what kind of friend are you? No one wants to admit their faults, but we are grown so get over it! Do you support others, help when they need you, lend an ear? We all have busy lives, me included, but of we want good friends, we have to first be a good friend. I personally don’t talk to my friends daily, but none of my true friends can say that I am not there for them when it really counts. I can party and dance the night away, but I can also pray like a warrior for my friends. I pray for my friends every day because it looks crazy that I’m blessed and my friends are stressed. So the next time you get a chance, take inventory of your best buds. Ask yourself this: Are they preying on my or praying for me?

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