Become Her Anyway

Woman crush Wednesday has been a thing for a few years now and I like it. It shines light on women who have been a BOSS at what they do. I have seen so many women on social media who have decided to just do it. They have opened boutiques, started baking companies, became book writers, relocated to a great job, and more. Studies show that African American women have more college degrees and the most entrepreneurial careers than any other race. We just have it in us to be somebody and I am catching that wave. Even though I hated school, I went back to get a Master’s degree because I knew that I wanted to be great and move up in my field. Sometimes it just takes pushing through because it’s important to who you NEED to be. I recently saw a post saying that Kim Kardashian was considering going back to school to be a lawyer. Reading those comments was brutal and saddening. Who are we to say that she isn’t smart enough? Keep in mind that you had naysayers in your ear when you wanted to go back to school and finish your degrees. Does the fact that she became famous from a sex tape make her not book smart? I mean her father was the lawyer who got OJ Simpson off on a murder charge. Maybe she has it in her to be in the same profession. Or are we so naive to think people can’t switch careers and be successful? Remember when someone told you that switching from a full time job to an entrepreneur was a bad idea, but you’re out here thriving? Yeah, that’s how crazy we look trying to tell another successful woman (no matter how she got there) that she can’t do whatever she wants to career wise. Becoming the woman you want to be will have many hurdles to overcome, but become her anyway! Just like Kim, folks try to downplay your dreams, but who are they to tell another person how big their dream needs to be? NOBODY! We need to stop letting people dictate what we do because others will purposely discourage you so you won’t outshine them. We need to let the Negative Nancy’s and Nathan’s go. This includes friends, significant others, plans that don’t align with your goals, and material things. It’s a sale and Everything Must Go that’s a hindrance. Straighten your crowns Queens and let’s do this!

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