I Owe Myself Everything!

When kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, their answer can change from week to week. My nephew recently said he wants to be Spider Man when he grows up. Go for it man! I’m sure next week he will want to be whatever the next superhero star that comes out soon. We underestimate the imagination of children, but we really need to be like them. Who’s to say you can’t be the next superhero…well playing that character in a movie? LOL. It seems like our imagination has dwindled and we are so stuck on living to work that we forgot about our dreams when we were little. I get that we need money to pay bills, but what happened to your passion from childhood? I wanted to be a model, English teacher, Pediatrician, professional singer, and counselor. Of course I had to weed out the things I knew I really didn’t want to do, but I have accomplished the counselor and professional singer dreams. I taught English as a substitute and it wasn’t really what I thought it would be. I’ve walked a runway or two and it was fun to have all eyes on me. And then there’s the Pediatrician, and that’s just a NO go because I don’t want to go to med school and deal with blood and other bodily functions.But I still can dream at the age of 33. I read that having no dreams would make sleep very boring. Well, take out sleep and replace it with life. What kind of life would we be living without dreams? One where we just live to work and pay bills. Blah! It’s time to dream again and put in some work, and not on your job unless that will fund your real dreams. It sucks to work a job and always be praying that God helps you to make it through each day and on your last leg. I owe myself better than what is Now. This can’t be it for me. I want so much MORE. If you want the good stuff, it’s out on the ends of the branches. That means you have to step out on faith. Are you willing to take that step? P.S. Thank you Chakitra for your positive words and your glory story & Toya for the topic!

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