Call Of The Mountain

WAKE YOUR TAIL UP! Your mountain is calling. I recently went on a birthday getaway to Gatlinburg, TN, home of the Great Smokey Mountains. I have not been there in about 6 years, so I wanted to go somewhere that was fun and a nice road trip with “Bae.” Before I even got there, I was constantly saying that I did NOT want to go up the mountain. I had a fear that I would be going up that 2 lane road and drive off the cliff to my death. Dramatic, yes. Realistic, even more so which is the scary part. When I got to Gatlinburg, I kept looking at the mountains and marveling at their beauty. It was like they were calling me and I just had to answer. We began driving towards the Smokey Mountains entrance and I said why not. Let’s go see what’s up there. I was scared, mainly because someone else was driving me, but we kept going up and I even took a picture by a ledge. This experience really stuck out to me and I began to equate it to life. When your mountain is calling, GO! I was scared, as I am with going to higher unknown heights in life, but I had to see what was around each bend. I needed to know what each scene looked like when we turned every corner. No, I didn’t make it all the way to the top, but I was intrigued about what was up there. I believe if I was driving myself, I would have been able to control my fears a little more to keep going. Just like life, it’s always better when you have the drive for yourself to keep upward. At the age of 33, I want to climb to higher heights because I want to know what’s along the way and what beautiful things and experiences I will encounter. Next time, I will go to the TOP!

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