Lord, I Need A Sign

Have you ever thought to yourself, Lord I need a sign? Then you look at Everything as a sign. The doorbell ringing is a sign from Heaven, as well as the dog barking 3 times instead of 2. It starts to get frustrating when you try to decipher what’s a sign. Then you get so into it that you really miss the sign. Ahhhh! Most times we know what the right choice is, but we second guess our intuition. We just HAVE to have some kind of confirmation on so many things, especially really important decisions. If you think you need a new job, chances are that stress is the thing telling you just that. You may be thinking of opening up a new business and thinking about it every day is your sign. Stop underestimating your ability to make good decisions. That gut feeling is there for a reason, to guide you. DO NOT push that feeling to the back of your mind and mess yourself up. I know we like to think that only women have that kind of intuition, but men know what needs to be done as well. Men, if something doesn’t feel right to you, it’s for a reason. Now I’m not saying that you should let every little decision be off of pure feelings. Even though common sense isn’t too common, those of us who do have it need to use it. You know that your meal preps aren’t only worth $5/plate. You can tell your customers to pay you what you’re worth. Do you truly need a sign to be GREAT? You have it in you to do good things, so do them. You don’t need a sign to have some faith in yourself. You just need some get up and go to move towards your dreams and goals. If someone called you and said they had $1 Million reward, you wouldn’t need a sign to get up and see about your prize. And just in case you STILL NEED a sign, this is it! You’re welcome.

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