Dear Monica

Have you ever wanted to relive some times in your life because hindsight is 20/20? Lord knows I have, and I would have probably started in my 11th grade year of high school. Of course we can’t go back, but we can go forward with a better outlook. If I could write a letter to my younger self, I would have that girl on point. Dear Young Monica, Get your lazy tail up and get ready for the future! Honey, it’s a rough world, but you are more than capable of handling it. You need to study your butt off for that ACT because it’s going to get you into the good colleges. The ones where you want to go that are far away and your parents won’t complain because you will get a full ride. Once you get to the school of your dreams, stay there and DO NOT come back home because of some nappy headed boy. You will be thankful for sticking it out and you will have the courage to go on to your next venture after school. And take the GRE so you can get into a good grad school; and sign up for an internship program so you will have job prospects and experience. Child, they are crazy on this experience thing! Once you get a good job after undergrad, make sure they will pay for your grad school and stick it out for another free ride. Free is where it’s at! Date if you must, but don’t let a man run your life and don’t settle. Men will be there when you are done with your schooling. I won’t even go into how important it is to not have a baby by yourself. You are too free-spirited for that drama. Travel the world and get a passport now. You will thank me later. Take in the culture of other places and study abroad if the opportunity comes across. Love on your family and friends because life is short and they will have your back. Make sure you don’t settle for less on any matter and don’t stress the little things. Life will be as wonderful as you make it out to be. Take that cooking class, exercise more, don’t party every weekend away, and drink only the good wine. Love yourself and most importantly, KEEP GOD FIRST.

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