Get Outta Here, Travel

I remember my first time flying in 2015 to the beautiful San Diego. I was super scared and I stayed awake for the entire trip. I called the name of Jesus 100 times! Nevertheless, I made it to an amazing city and I will never forget the ocean scenery, seals by the beach, and fun with friend girls. Ever since that trip, I have wanted to go everywhere on a plane. I even enjoy going to the different airports. For my 30th birthday, I went on my first cruise with my family, and 2 weeks later went to Vegas for the first time with my friends. I actually wish I could travel for a living to different places around the world. I feel like every time I go out of town (or the country), I hate having to come back to my boring city. No knocking of Memphis (well maybe slightly), but I just love exploring. I will look up my next adventures months in advance on Pinterest almost every other day. I love looking up places on Pinterest. I feel like I am actually there, which is better than being here in reality. Everyone always asks me what kind of vacation time I have, but that doesn’t stop my plans at all. Baby, if I want to go, I will just go! I love traveling just that much and one day of not getting paid won’t kill me. I will even take a “sick” day if needed, because my mental health day away from work COUNTS. Trust me, I’m a counselor. I’m all about my mental health days because I have had jobs that stressed me out to the point where I took one once a month. Luckily, my new job isn’t stressful, but I still like to GO. My parents brought me up with vacations and trips to many different places. I love that we went to experience new cultures because it made me appreciate getaways and relaxation time. So the next time you want to go on a girls trip, go. Book that cruise with your bae. Take the road trip by yourself to that wonderful spa place a few hours away. Buying things is cool and all, but having great experiences is what life is all about. Get outta here, TRAVEL!

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