Last week was an eye opening week for me. It’s like all the messages I needed were relayed to me in some way and it was jaw dropping. I read a post and it just made me cry because it was as if the very thing I needed to realize was right there in my face. I heard a sermon on the radio and began to cry again because it was as if God himself spoke directly to my soul. I even had a friend text me and she spoke a word and recommended the book “Jump” by Steve Harvey. Needless to say, last week was very emotional for me.
The revelation that was given to me: Stop being a dreamer and be a doer! I really thought I was doing something being a dreamer. WRONG! The Facebook post I read stated that I was simply hiding behind the “planning” stages and being all talk. Wow, such a slap in the face to my planning. But it was a slap that made me come back to reality. All these years I had been talking about my plans and daydreaming about all the things I wanted to do, but that was all. There was no action. The action is the important part Monica.
I hid behind the safety of dreaming and never became a doer. It’s like getting in the car and posting about this wonderful vacation you’re going on, but never putting the car in drive. Stagnant is my least favorite word, but it described me perfectly. That hits hard like a ton of bricks, but self realization is how you move forward. Now that I see that I’ve been all talk, it’s time to hush. I have to be quiet and do the work. Being a dreamer sounds cute, but it doesn’t get anything done until you make yourself become a doer. I hope this blog will help someone else to see that dreams don’t become a reality until you do the work. Ready, Set, Go!

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