Just Keep Swimming

I like to read fortune cookies and I also love to eat them. Duh. Foodie, remember? I’m not one of those who gets the message and throws the cookie away. No food left behind! Beside the point, I always look for a great revelation from my cookies. Lately I’ve been eating Chinese takeout a lot and the tiny messages have made a big impact. Currently, I’m having a dilemma about a leap of faith that I probably should have taken years ago. My most recent fortune cookie message hit home: Don’t wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it. Well, call me Michael (or Michelle) Phelps because I’m about to swan dive off the deep end.
How many of your ships are still out there or have sailed away because you wouldn’t at least doggy paddle out to them? Even though you may not be an Olympic swimmer, a dead man’s float signifies you at least got in the water. The good part about life is that sometimes your ship may come back just to get you. It won’t always dock, but it will come back so you have to be willing to get have some courage. I remember when I was younger and would love to get in the pool. I would see my friends swimming and I would be on the sideline because I couldn’t swim and I was scared. One day while we were on vacation in St. Louis, I got in the pool and everyone was having a blast. I wanted to have a blast too, so I let go and began swimming for the first time under water. It really wasn’t scary, but instead exhilarating.
I knew I had it in me to just do it because I had a passion for water. It’s the same for life. We have passions to do all sorts of things, but let fear hold us back. We make up all kinds of excuses as to why we won’t swim out to our boats. The boat is too far, I may catch a cramp, the water is over my head, what if a shark come. The question I propose: What if you are scaring yourself from the BEST swim you have ever experienced? Not to mention, what if you get to the boat and it turns out to be a luxury yacht. The choice ultimately is yours, but think about what you could be missing on board YOUR boat.

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