Even The Pros Get Booed

It’s playoff time for the NBA and I’m team Steph, even though I’m not into basketball like I used to be. It‘s to the point where I literally don’t know who else is playing. But someone somewhere is definitely rooting against Steph Curry because they hate his freaking guts. Can you imagine it? A fan hating an All-Star Championship winning player is almost unbelievable! He gives back to the community, hasn’t had any scandals, and has an overall positive attitude. He’s top 5 for sure and I know that without even watching regularly. Moral of the story: Even the BEST of them have haters!
You can’t please everyone, so don’t even try. Once you start, it will be a never-ending process of you putting everyone’s happiness before yours. You can be on top of your game and still have people hating you. Someone somewhere will want your title, want your money, want to be you. Someone will always be praying for your downfall and it may even be the ones closest to you. So don’t stop being amazing because you have haters. It means that you have to be doing something right. They want you to feel bad for being on top, but that’s the goal in life.
Do you honestly think the CEO or Presidents of these top companies are overly worried about people hating them? No, they have accepted their greatness and carry on. Maybe we should follow suite. We need to start believing in ourselves so much that the opinion of others won’t make us think twice. That should be everyone’s goal in life, being confident in the person that we are. There will always be someone who hates you no matter how nice, giving, or understanding you are. I bet Mother Teresa had other nuns who did not like that she got all of the attention. They killed Martin Luther King, Jr. for heaven’s sake! So in your planning to reaching the top, also plan to handle the haters by not stressing over them. In the end, you took the high road and that’s a wonderful character trait that most will never have. BE SWEET.

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