Get The Booger Out Of Your Nose

I think we can all agree that being embarrassed for any reason sucks. No one wants to walk around with lipstick on their teeth, a booger in their nose, or with tissue on the bottom of their shoes. Most times when it happens, we just tend to laugh it off and hope we won’t end up as a meme on social media. You would think that the same concept applies to other aspects that make us look silly, such as being cheated on, acting stupid in public, being rude when there’s no cause for it. But we tend to get sensitive when others attempt to help us not look crazy. Yeah I said it, we’re all sensitive cry babies.
I wonder why we don’t want to be made aware of our foolishness. Maybe it’s because we like acting like fools or we think being grown is synonymous to being able to do whatever we want. Well, just because you can do anything, doesn’t mean you should. If I’m out with a group of friends and one of them is being rude to the server for no reason, I’m speaking up. I don’t want my friend to look bad or make me look bad either. If my sister is cursing at a sales lady, I will gladly tell her she is acting like a mad woman. We hate being reprimanded, but I would rather it come from my friends than from a stranger. And because I would like redirection from a friend, I may feel some type of way about it, but I will try to have the sense enough to appreciate it.
We all agreed in the beginning of this blog that we’re not too keen on being embarrassed. So whether you’re making yourself look crazy from a hole in your pants or disrespecting someone who is undeserving, take the cues from your friends. It’s a shame that we would rather hold on to our pride than take some much needed advice because we are grown. Again, grown and wise do not mean the same thing. We all have our off the wall moments, but that’s why we have loved ones to help us see our faults. If a person is unable to admit their faults, then the advice falls on deaf ears. Don’t be deaf, get those hearing aids (friends), and get right. Stop hating on folks for telling you the truth! If they lie to you, then you’ll be complaining that they’re not a good friend. Get out of your feelings and take heed to constructive criticism.

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