Faith Without Work Is Dead

I am furious and motivated at the same time. I told a friend that I have not talked to in a while that I was trying to make some things fall into place so that I could move out of Memphis. Her first response was an “LOL” followed by the laughing emoji. She further went on state that I had been trying to do that same thing since I met her back around 2014. It was like a punch in the face that said you’re all talk girl. The next day, my coworker mentioned that it was odd that I had been afraid of such a move seeing that I was a woman of faith. Then it made me question myself: Do I have the faith that I claim to have?
The not so funny part is that I have been questioning my faith for the last few months. Why haven’t I made the move that I had been talking about for years? Why had I been stagnant knowing that I deserve better? I realized my small faith a while back when I changed my morning mantra from I am fearfully and wonderfully made to another level of scripture. I called MYSELF OUT and I now state that “faith without works is dead.” And that is exactly where my faith was…in need of life support. But luckily my Father in Heaven gives life and can resuscitate me when I am in need! I am now more motivated than ever to go forward. I follow up my morning mantra with the fact that “I will remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” And I stand on that Word because I won’t stop until God’s favor has saturated me completely.

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