We’ve Always Done It This Way

With technology on the upward move, it’s kind of hard to keep up with all of the changes. But still we try our best to have the latest phones, apps, cars, etc. When we get these new gadgets, we have no clue how to work them, but we mess around with them long enough to get by day by day. Most of the gadgets have tutorials so that we can get the best usage out of them, especially with all of the money we’ve paid. I always think we need to change with the time or we will be lost in a world run by the unknown. That’s one reason why my dad is always trying to get me to help him with his new phones or hook up the connections in his car. No one wants to be left behind when everyone else has moved on to bigger and better…or do they?
You would be surprised at the people who are okay with being left behind. And the funny part is that they probably don’t feel as if they’re being left behind. Some people like the fact that they’ve always done things a certain way and it will never change if they have something to do with it. For some things, this may be good, but it doesn’t work for every situation. It’s okay for that old time ice cream to be made a certain way or for you to run your business the way your grandparents did. But what is wrong with a little enhancement? The goal isn’t to completely take away the original process a lot of times, but to enhance it so that it can be of better service.
Change is inevitable! I think the sooner we realize that all change isn’t bad, the sooner we will be ready for a step in another direction. Think about it this way: If you were given the chance to win a million dollars just to upgrade your flip phone to an iPhone, you would not hesitate. You may think that’s a big stretch of an example, but maybe not. What if you took a product that you sell or your business to the next level by changing it up a little bit? It could mean the difference of getting higher income or staying at your regular level. Changing is a scary thing when you’re not used to doing much of it, so I definitely get the push back of it. I just believe that change can also take your life to a higher level if you plan it just right. You never know until you try!

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