Help A Sister Out

We are selfish, myself included. Kind of a harsh way to start a blog, but we need to know better to do better. The crab in a barrel mentality is hindering us from all becoming great. I really wish that we would change before it’s too late. Yep, I still have hope for us, and that’s mainly because I refuse to move up on the success ladder and not help someone else up. It starts with one. Martin Luther King, Jr. (yes, I took it there) asked, “What are you doing for others?” Well, that’s definitely not a rhetorical question today. Seriously, who is willing to help someone out?Diving into the blogging profession, I have been asking these same questions. I realize that it may take more than a few months to get to the status I want, but I still would like some help. Who wouldn’t? I’m not one of those people who brag about being self made because no one really is. Someone has to say yes even if you saved all the money to start your own project (e.g. landlord allowing you to rent building space or someone trying your product to see if it works). Everyone needs help at one time or another, and that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Sometimes I think we forget that our purpose here on Earth is to help others. If you think about it, there are not too many professions that don’t lead to helping someone. Music is to entertain masses, technology is to aid in making life simpler, and farmers help with nutritional factors. We all play a role in helping someone, but we can always take things a step further. Have you ever gotten frustrated because you didn’t have the connections that others had to help you get a leg up? God knows I have! I have utilized avenues such as LinkedIn and even Googling certain top people in companies to get advise. I mean, they do tell you that you have to network. But once a person reaches the top, the other people just get smaller and smaller. Who helped you? I’m sure after a plethora of No’s, someone decided to take a chance on you. It may have been your parent’s good friend and it may have been your hard work that led to your Yes, but someone had to say Yes. Since I graduated from college and couldn’t get a counseling job right out of the gate, I have been saying that I cannot wait until I get in the position to hire people. I am going to take chances on the underdogs because someone took a chance on me. I’m a great counselor, who will eventually be a great blogger. I am just waiting on my YES. Be Sweet.

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