I’m Starving!

At this very moment, I am actually physically hungry. I only ate some egg whites and a slice of turkey bacon, so I feel faint. I’m an eater, or to make it sound like I’m not a glutton, I’m a foodie. I blame my coworkers for being so healthy and making me feel bad for eating like a pig. But anyway, I feel like I have tapeworm sometimes and I just want more food. I feel as if wanting more and wanting better has been my theme for 2019.
Pushing past my self doubt is my goal for life. I recently read a post on Facebook that stated that getting out of your comfort zone may be scary, but it’s necessary. Because of that, I started my personal blog site back in February and it has been such a catharsis for me. I feel as if it was something I have been needing to do to express myself and also show my writing skills. Richard Bach stated, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t give up.” Well, I don’t see giving up in my future anytime soon. In fact, I’m ready for bigger and better already in all aspects of life, even through my counseling. I feel as if I have starved myself from my inner creativity, and now I’m ready for the feast.
When we have family gatherings, I’m always one of the first to be in line for food and I always go back for seconds. I’m not trying to tell you of my greediness, I’m trying to show you that MORE is on my agenda. Applying that to my life, I need to be towards the front of the line for the feast (success) and never too ashamed to go back to get seconds (better blessings). Too often we think it’s being greedy to want more. No, you just aren’t full yet and need more substance and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful. I would think that’s kind of the point in life, to succeed. So when you feel like you need more, go for it. Don’t let anyone deter you from greatness! You deserve it.

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