Switch It Up!

They say when a woman cuts her hair, she is about to make some major changes. Well CHOP CHOP day came, not to mention the perm after over 4 years of being natural. Well, I’m Naturally due for something new! Moment of truth: I have struggled with natural hair and it has made me have some self-esteem issues as well. Natural hair is so beautiful at times and it makes you feel like a strong black woman. Then there are days when I will break a comb because it’s too kinky and it makes me feel like I’m ugly. I know that I’m not ugly, but I know how I do with relaxed hair and it’s much easier for me to manage on my own. A perm was a necessary change needed in my life. Being willing to change is a good trait to have. When you know something isn’t working out for you, do something about it. I cried and complained for about a year about something that I could have easily fixed. Makes me think about all the times I’ve complained about hating Memphis, but was scared to really seriously think about moving. Just like I let people talk me about of getting a perm, I allowed the same for people telling me that it would be hard moving. I recently asked people who have relocated what the hardest part of relocating was for them. Although I knew most would say moving away from family and friends, the only other real hard part was the actual moving itself. Most of them were glad they had the courage to try something new. All of the people I know who have relocated are Thriving in their new places. I want to THRIVE and get away from the nest. I have put it off for so long. I heard a Joel Osteen sermon the other day and he almost had me shouting in the car. He simply said the nest is okay for its appointed time, but staying too long can be a Hindrance. I literally looked up the definition for hindrance and the example sentence read, “a hindrance to the development process.” Well, I don’t want or need any more obstacles, barriers, or delays in my process to success! Not only have I been those to myself, I’ve let fear, doubt, men, negative comments, loved ones, and all hold me back. It’s time to Spring Forward into my destiny. I don’t know when call will allow my YES to come, but I am getting ready for a new thing and no one will be able to stop me then. Keep me in your prayers because my CHANGE is coming! Stay Tuned.

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