What Happened To The Village?

My parents speak of an ancient time when the whole neighborhood raised them. They couldn’t do anything bad without some adult getting on to them for their wrongdoing. Their neighbors actually had permission to whoop them. Sounds crazy, but those were probably some good days. The village helped to raise the kids and most of our parents turned out to be pretty decent. Fast forward to present day. Touch somebody else’s child if you want to, you may get shot. Unfortunately, that’s not an exaggeration because folks love to shoot. I wonder what happened from our parents’ days to now? No one likes correction and people get offended by help. It’s like everyone is beyond help, hence why the children have become the way they are. Children are so coddled and spoiled and we wonder why the next generation doesn’t know how to do anything…other than get on these phones and play video games. The village was stopped from raising the children. The village was cursed at, yelled at, and fought for trying to be of some assistance. You can’t walk up to a teenager and tell them to pull up their pants because they just may fight you. If their parents don’t make them, why should a stranger’s advice count? We could learn so much from our grandparents and parents if we would take the time and listen. They were able to live off of almost nothing and still had happiness and made something from the little they had. The wisdom they possess needs to be passed on to this new generation or we are doomed. They had the discipline we so desperately lack today and that doesn’t necessarily mean a whooping. They were taught to have self control and not overindulge, they weren’t spoiled brats, and they had good work ethic. Those traits need to come back if we are to have this new generation as our future doctors, teachers, and important political figures. Bring back the Village!

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