What’s Mine Is Mine

Any and everybody who knows me can tell you that I do not like to share my food. It’s just something about being able to enjoy my own tasty food without some greedy person asking for some. I’m so stingy that I will actually get upset if someone wants to taste even just a little bit. I am more inclined to buy you your own food than share mine. I always think it’s because my mother didn’t teach me how to share when I was a child. LOL, just kidding! I guess when you have it in your mind that it’s YOURS, then you don’t want to give any of it away because they may not like it and waste your good stuff. Other than that, I’m not as selfish as that may have made me sound.
When I tend to share my dreams, goals, and aspirations with others, they tend to look at me crazy. I learned that push back is often masked as “good advice.” People may think what they are telling you is good, but sometimes people just don’t understand YOUR dream. Goes back to why I don’t like to share. It’s like people want to take what’s yours and chew it up and spit out it. At first it makes me upset, but then I have to put things into perspective. It’s my dream, not theirs! That means that they couldn’t possibly understand what drives me or the purpose that is within me. Because of this, I keep on sharing.
I want people who are living beneath their potential to get a better understanding of what they could be getting out of life. I feel as if that’s my purpose in life and part of the reason I love being a counselor. I like to encourage people to go beyond the familiar and see what else is out there. That’s why I share my BIG dreams because they need to know that once I accomplish them, they can see that hard work can really take you places. Most people don’t dream big because the people around them give that “good advice” that settling is not such a bad thing. Sure you have a job, but does it fulfill you? Yeah you have a high school diploma, but what could a degree do for you? It boils down to the WHAT IF. Living in the what if stresses me out. I can admit that I have let a lot of good opportunities pass me by out of fear. Well, no more! Time to soar for MORE.

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