Get Off Lizzo!

The BET Awards came on this past Sunday, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it this time. You really don’t have to watch it when your whole Facebook timeline posts non-stop about each performance, each outfit, each crazy moment. It peaked my curiosity when I saw a post that said “here comes the fat shaming.” I immediately saw pictures and clips of Lizzo’s performance. Now I like her new song, but I never knew what she looked like. Of course she’s a thicker girl, but I’m trying to figure out why people are being so hard on her. No, she’s not the average performer size, but her music is bumpin’! It upset me, mainly because most of the people who were fat shaming her aren’t the ideal weight either. Folks really be trippin’ me out with their hateful selves.

I have a question: When was the last time you played a flute on national television at one of the biggest award shows? Oh, never…thought so! In my Memphis voice voice, “mane” stop hating. This woman is amazingly talented, full of confidence, BUT all people could see is that she wore an outfit that wasn’t to their liking. If Rihanna or anyone under a size 10 would have had on that outfit, they would have been okay. Funny, Rihanna was in the audience cheering Lizzo on throughout her performance. We have to be the most judgmental group of people. We get upset when we see the size 2 models, but get even more upset when we see a size 22 woman dancing. Stop the madness!

I believe we just enjoy making fun of people. I’m sure she gives no cares about people talking about her because she’s living her dream, plus she’s rich now. It just sucks that people can’t let others just be great. We wouldn’t have flinched seeing Beyonce in the same get-up and she’s definitely not a size 2. So what’s the message we’re putting out there? You can be talented, but you have to be under a certain weight? You can achieve your ultimate dream, but we won’t accept you if you’re overweight? It upsets me because she doesn’t deserve this backlash. When all is said and done, ask yourself when was the last time you performed in front of Millions and killed it? Carry on and definitely don’t forget to BE SWEET.

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