I promised the men in my last blog that I would do them justice and stand up for the GOOD ones. I definitely have to say that I know so many wonderful men, from my family members to guy friends. When I was picking the wrong guys, yes women pick too, I was picking the worst of the worst. I used to always say that men weren’t sh*t. Then I had to realize that it was something wrong with MY pick and I had to stop generalizing all men. One way to know you’ve matured is when you can address your own faults and try to correct them. I wonder how many women are willing to admit that they have lumped all men together and should probably give them a little more credit.

When women go through a bad break up, we get ruthless and tend to think the male species as a whole is the scum of the Earth…or is that just me? Okay, well I will use myself as an example just in case my female friends aren’t quite willing to be honest with themselves. I have to get it through my THICK scull that I was the one who picked and stayed with a fool. Essentially, I brought it onto myself to stay with someone after they showed me their true colors. So to say all men are dogs opens it up for it to be said that all women suck too. We all know that isn’t true, so that notion for men needs to be laid to rest.

Next on my agenda is the treatment of men in a relationship. Men, we are giving you a preview of how we’d be if things were to get serious. If you’re not getting the best of treatment now, leave! Women, if we want to be treated as Queens, we have to treat out men like Kings. It’s only fair. If a woman can’t understand this logic, RUN! Everyone wants to be treated as if they matter and they should be. Men, if you are doing a great job letting your mate know she is appreciated, it should be reciprocated. Women, take your man out on a date every once in a while. Send him a good morning handsome with some positive affirmations to start his day. Go above and beyond when you know you have a good man. You know they say good men are hard to find. Well someone has an eye out on your good man, so don’t think he won’t find someone if you you break up due to you mistreating him.

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