Birds of a Feather…

Very rarely will you see vultures and eagles together. Why? You guessed it, birds of a feather flock together. The vultures are bottom dwellers who feed off of the dead, while eagles soar higher than any other and are considered majestic. With that being said, which group do you strive to be apart of? Even more to the point, which are you in now, or are you somewhere in between? I recently saw a meme that suggested if you hang with four billionaires, you’re bound to be the fifth. This powerful statement makes a strong implication on the circle you hang with and how they can ultimately make or break you.

Think about it, the rich tend to hang with the rich. Addicts tend to enjoy the company of other addicts so they won’t be judged. Ask yourself this painfully truthful question: Are you hanging with those who elevate you or are you hanging with those who don’t judge you in your many wrongdoings? In essence, are you like the rich or are you like the addict? Only you can answer this question, but answering truthfully will be the thing that helps you become better if you let it. If you want something out of life, you have to stretch yourself beyond the self imposed and friend imposed limits. And if you’re with the right group of people, they can help you do so.

To the people who think that they can hang with some questionable characters and their personality not rub off on you, kudos to you. But I will ask that you be very careful because they can make it very easy for you to slip into their funk or nonsense. Again, we tend to hang with those who don’t judge, so lowering your standards because your pal does could get into your mindset. It’s the same for surrounding yourself with those who want more than mediocrity. When you see that your circle refuses to live beneath their potential, you tend to want to kick it up a notch. The birds you flock with says a lot about you rather you believe it or not. All I ask is that you flock wisely.

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