You Can’t Raise A Man

For the mothers, think about when your child was an infant and you had to do everything for them. You had to feed them, bathe them, clothe them, think for them. It was a lot to do because you had to ensure whole human survived or you would be going to jail. Scary huh? Probably why I don’t have children now. I totally commend parents for being responsible enough to keep someone else alive, especially the mothers who do majority of the caring because it’s in our nature. It’s wonderful when we’re doing it for an ACTUAL CHILD who can’t fend for themselves, but it’s ridiculous when we think we can raise a man. If you can turn a boy into a man, you need to go on America’s Got Talent because that’s a good magic trick.

The saying goes, babies are meant to be changed, not men. So YAY you for being such a caring person, but the buck has to stop at being a slick mother figure to your man. Yes, men deserve to be treated well, but raising/changing them is total nonsense. We woman have some powerful persuasion action, but why would you want to change a man? Why can’t he already come equipped with at least the basics of being a man (especially for the ones over 25)? We all will have growing moments, but a man should already be a protector, provider, compliment you, treat you right, not hit you, respect you, trust you, and all of those important things.

Women can be the reason why a man is led to change, but they have to want it for themselves first. This is where you have to decided do you want a man who has the essential characteristics of a good man, or do I want to mold him like a potter molds clay into something worth while. If it’s the latter, doesn’t that seem as if you’re lowering your standards just to say you have somebody? That may have sounded harsh, but somebody needed that slap to wake up. Relationships are work for sure, but I don’t think changing a man is the type of work they were talking about. Stop being his mother and see where that takes you. You’ll soon find out if you have a man or a boy. Be Sweet.

One thought on “You Can’t Raise A Man

  1. Sis, I love the picture quote you used. Hope you don’t mind if I jack that for my own post! But this post is so true, you can’t change a man he can only want to change for himself. And that’s hilarious I never heard “babies are meant to be changed, not men” lol

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