Don’t Quit At Half Time

Playing basketball was the joy of my middle school and early high school life. As you could imagine, playing basketball came with many pep talks before and during the game. At the start of the game, we were told to remember what we had been taught on how to effectively play the game. Whether we were winning or losing at half time, we were still told to press through to get a WIN. Well wonderful readers, I’ve come to give you a pep talk so you can finish the second half of 2019 strong and get that win you deserve. You have to remember what you were taught about how to win, reference your last game, and adjust accordingly so you can finish being a winner. It’s time for MVP status!

I can say that the first part of this year was enlightening. I learned so much about myself. I even applied past lessons to this year so I would not make the same mistakes and have to repeat lessons. I was eager to move forward and I knew I deserved to win, so I pressed through as I am telling you to do. You may have had some setbacks, mishaps, and disappointments, but you can use that as fuel to keep going. Sometimes those life altering things were put in your life to see if you would use it to grow. Will you? Or will you allow those negative moments to hold you back? You don’t and shouldn’t need a long drawn out talk to succeed. Either you want to or you don’t. Stop making excuses, work hard, ignore negativity, and give it your all. WIN!!!

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