Oh Chris Brown…Why Fool?

Y’all know I just be scrolling on social media and I come across these crazy topics that I can’t pass up. I like to think the most of people and give them the benefit of the doubt, you know that unconditional positive regard. But I will say that some people truly make it hard for you to give them multiple chances, especially when the offense is personal. Recently, Chris Brown came out with a new album and in one of the songs he talks about liking black women with “good hair.” I really didn’t take much offense to that because good hair is relative and each person has their preference. The thing in the news that got my attention was his comments towards darker skinned and how he called them “darkies.” Now Chris, you know I had to touch on this topic seeing that I’m a chocolate drop.

Oh Chrissy Pooh, you’ve gone and done it now. It’s like he continues to dig this hole for himself and his career. You beat up on women and now you call them darkies. I’m starting to believe that good ol’ Chris (Brown of all words) is stupid. Yes, that’s really all I could come up with at the moment and it’s as simple as that. So not only do you have anger issues, you’re also a colorist? And then you add insult to injury by cursing at the people who call you out on your bull. Smart! I think we give too many chances to people because of the talents they have. But in actuality, what does talent have to do with upholding a boy who needs counseling and maybe a history lesson on his own culture?

We gave R. Kelly so many chances to finally be through with him ONLY after a multitude of women came out with a documentary on their harsh treatments from him. I suppose we’re waiting for Chris to continue to down the dark path and then a documentary will pop up of how he has treated women with the same regard as R. Kelly. Maybe it’s a stretch and it personally hit something in my spirit to hear the word darkie. That word upsets my soul from the very depths of it! I know people have their preference on who they like, but to shame a woman for the color of her skin in public and find no wrong in doing so is scary. Are we going to overlook his wrongs or continue to bump his songs as if it never happened? Unfortunately, I think it will be the latter.

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