Red Light, Green Light

Growing up, we were always outside getting into something we probably weren’t supposed to. Our house was the fun house because we loved to play outside and my mom was always trying to feed people. We played hide and seek, tag, basketball, and my favorite was red rover. Another game we played was red light, green light. We all lined up and would be determined to get as close to the base as fast as we could when the person yelled green light. The game only worked because we knew green meant go, yellow meant slow, and red meant stop. Somewhere along the way, we must have forgotten this simple lesson.

I often wonder how we got to the point where red flags meant go forward. We don’t run a red light or go through a stop sign when we’re driving, so how is it that red flags mean go? This isn’t necessarily all about just relationships. We have red flags in all aspects of life, but it’s up to us to act accordingly. When that friend is acting shady, that’s a sign. When that job constantly overlooks your hard work, that’s a sign. When that man acts out of anger a lot, that’s a sign. You just have to be mindful and realize that the signs are there to help guide you. Then ask yourself, do you want to be guided. I say that because we overlook signs on purpose, and when things go wrong we wonder why.

I really feel as if we allow certain things to happen due to being careless. We have to guard our hearts, kick stressful people and things to the curb, and preserve our well-being. We truly owe it to ourselves to block drama from hindering our progress. I suppose when we overlook the obvious signs, we’re giving people the benefit of the doubt, hoping for the best, or thinking we can change people. I had to realize that people only change when they want to. And although a person may be able to get over for a while, eventually their true colors will show…RED! So do yourself a favor, stop allowing all kinds of mess and stand up for yourself. If you see red, stop, do not pass go. You will save yourself a world of trouble.

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