“Don’t Be a Hard Rock…”

On my way to work I was inspired by the singer Lauryn Hill’s song “Doo Wop (That Thing).” The song makes a profound statement that we should stop being a hard rock when we really are gems. You see, people throw hard rocks away, but they value gems. That’s a sermon right there! The good part is that like Lauryn, I too want women to recognize their value and stop being something we’re not. We as women need to try and respect ourselves enough to know what we deserve. This message is for me, but if you can get something from it, by all means grab it.

The song says, “Girl you know you better watch out.” That’s the thing, we are too trusting and we tend not to do as she says, WATCH OUT. No one should be allowed to treat us as if we are hard rocks. We set the tone for how we should be treated. You have to let people know up front that you are that gem and then accept nothing less than that. We shouldn’t let men, women, money, or anything else allow us to be swayed into thinking we are not amazing. With all the talents we possess, we should be bosses in all types of settings. We don’t need sugar daddies, we should have our own stacks!

It’s time to boss up ladies. You don’t need a man to finance you because the second you don’t play your part, the man AND money will be gone. You don’t even need a degree nowadays to get that money, all you need is talent and hard work. Got talent? Of course you do, you just need to tap into it. The time is now! Start the business, drop that loser, go back to school, or whatever you need to do to be ahead of the game. The song goes on to say, “respect is just a minimum.” Get all you deserve from all you encounter. You got this boo!

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