Release Your Creativity

They saying imitation is the highest form of flattery. Everything and everyone looks alike these days. If you ask me, imitation is just a loud way to be unoriginal. It’s like these songs that sample from old school, but their version sounds watered down most times. That’s what I don’t like about a copy cat, it’s a watered down original. I wonder why it’s so hard to just keep it real and tap into what’s within.

Being original requires you to go deep within and pull out things you probably didn’t know were there. You have to dig deep and get in a zone that pushes you to another level. We all have it in us, but very few will experience it. That may be because the idea of seeing what’s within can be scary. You never know how your creativity will be perceived by others. You have to be willing to take a chance. Most are secure in their limited imitating.

Once a person is beyond the scared point, they see endless possibilities to what they can create. Sometimes it flows out of you like lava onto a painting easel or on a notebook. It can sometimes amaze you what you’ve been keeping hidden from yourself and others. But once it’s out, let it stay free. Let it engulf you, let it get into the air and intoxicate someone else. That’s what creativity and originality are supposed to do. It’s the reason I write, I sing, I am. Release it!

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