Concentration Camps

I remember when I was in grade school and the whole class went on a field trip to see a Holocaust exhibit. It was absolutely horrifying to hear of the sad stories of families torn apart, never to see one another again. There were stories where bodies were piled up and burned afterwards, only to make room for another set of bodies. I thought Anne Frank hiding in an attic was pretty rough, but the exhibit displayed so much more horror than I imagined. They say that history repeats itself, and that is exactly what has been happening with the “detention centers” on the U.S. boarders lately. There has been this whole debate on the semantics of what it should be called, but even in detention one can get out. With that said, that may not be the best of words to describe such horrific events of people getting no hearing or chance at freedom any time soon.

I’m not one to chime in on political matters, but this is not a political matter in my opinion. This is a matter of humanity and I have a heart! And it probably touches a little closer to my heart because I am a minority in this country, twice. I don’t care if it was Trump, Obama, or the Pope who made the decisions, it’s all wrong. When we stoop to the level of holding people in overcrowded areas with insufficient resources, we have to think about how low we have dropped. To think that there are people who are upholding this decision really helps us to see just how bad off we are as a people. It’s heart breaking and down right disgusting to know that this is happening. When will it end?

I suppose it’s hard to see hope for our humanity when we have political figures who see nothing wrong with mistreating others. People who refuse to filter their racism and fly off the handle with any and every thought that crosses their minds. Then, they don’t get in any type of trouble because the ones supporting them don’t have a backbone. It’s sickening to think that people have died in the horrifying situations at the borders of a country that supposedly is the land of the free. Makes you ponder on what we’re really free from. Could it be that we’re free from having a heart for the decent treatment of all? I hate that this has become a race issue because there is ONLY ONE RACE…THE HUMAN RACE! Ending this with my signature “Be Sweet” would an understatement. Maybe I should say have Compassion because we’re definitely lacking in that area.

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