Be An Influencer

Have you ever wondered why companies get celebrities to represent their product or brand? It’s because we have deemed them credible simply because they are well known. Leonardo DiCaprio can get on a commercial and talk positively about a new bottled water that comes from the ice of glaciers and we will be in the stores the next day looking for it because he played in Titanic. Being a celebrity automatically makes you a role model, even though they would rather not be. We look to celebrities for what to wear, how to act, and what to buy. These influential people are shaping our minds about so many different things that it can be quite scary because not all things they do are on the up and up.

Recently, female rapper named Cardi B met with Senator Bernie Sanders for political reasons. I bet none of us would have ever imagined that meeting. A high energy, ghetto talking, raunchy lyric having Cardi B met with a high powered man who is running for president of the nation. This is why we can’t count people out by the things they have done or how they carry themselves. I literally HATE the way she talks, but I admire the heck out of her for trying to be a positive influence. It takes a strong and wise person to know when to use your platform as a way to shed light on the issues of the country. She even stated on social media that she is fighting for “economic, racial, and social justice for all.” Good job Ms. Cardi!

We too can be like Cardi B if we really want to see change in this country. We may not have a huge influence like she has, but we can start small with our own communities and cities. She goes on to say that she thinks that young people can be of assistance in transforming this country if we work together. We have to ask ourselves are we change agents or are we just going to sit back and let things go down? Get involved, stay aware, vote, shed light on issues, stand up for right. You don’t have to be a famous person to bring awareness to things that need to be fixed. We need to get beyond thinking outside of the box and remove the box altogether.

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