“Ride Til’ I Can’t No More”

I got the horses in the back…naw I don’t, but it caught your attention. Like why in the heck would she have horses in the back? I can be the first to admit that being a music lover, a song sometimes has to grow on me. The first time I heard the “Old Town Road” song by Lil Nas X, I had to look down at the channel because I was totally confused how some country rap playing on the hip hop station. First off, I was thinking what was country rap and why was this a thing. Secondly, just why? It was the weirdest thing and it only lasted for a short period. I hated it! When it came on, I would roll my eyes and quickly change the channel. Then out of the blue, I began to like the catchy song.

It makes me think about how people come up with things that we’re not familiar with and don’t accept right off, but then it becomes this huge sensation. It’s like a person who has a very innovative idea, but because it’s beyond our comprehension, we shut it down. This is a story that made me force myself to think outside of the box. If all inventions and ideas were exactly the same, they would be boring and unsuccessful. I’m glad this young man took us out of our element and now “can’t nobody tell me nothing.” It just goes to show that we need to stay open minded to new things because anything is possible.

The other message that I got from this is that we should never let anyone hold us back from success. Who would think that a young black man would have a country rap song break the records for the Billboards? Nobody, myself included. I laughed it off when I first heard it and now look at me writing a whole blog about his success. In my face! We’re very quick to make fun of other people’s dreams, but they aren’t ours to see through. We are judgmental and ready to dismiss, but who are we to tell a person that their dreams aren’t attainable? Remember this exact song when we get to thinking we should have a say on the dreams and goals of others. Be Sweet.

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