Bring Back 90’s R&B Love Songs

As I sit and listen to Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk” song, I shake my head in amazement. That man could sure sing! Where is he now? As a matter of fact, where are the singers who left us with all of these hit love songs? Where’s Case, Avant, and H-Town, and Jon B? What happened to SWV, En Vogue, and Brandy? We used to really try to sing just like them. Yeah we had rap, but we seemed to be much more interested in singing groups and the slow jams. Now all we have is mumble rappers and wannabe singers who can’t sing in public to save their lives.

I honestly don’t think these singers and singing groups realize how influential they were. I understand that things are subject to change, but some stuff we just need to keep. Singers now want to be rappers and rappers try to sing. It’s a mess! Just look at Tyrese who gave us all of these hits, but now wants to play hard and be called Black Ty. Naw sir, you will forever be named TYRESE and you need to stay in your lane bruh. Then rappers break out those auto tune machines to fake sing. We’re doomed in the love song department it seems.

Maybe love songs are almost obsolete because no one is really seeking love anymore. Back in the day, people had so many love songs to choose from at their weddings. Nowadays, we’ll probably have to settle for booty shaking “love songs” as we stroll down the aisle. We now have songs that praise being a side chick and having a man on the weekend. Top songs now are more like rap than ever with the lyrics being as raunchy as they can be. Even though I’m all old school, as I am more of a 60’s and 70’s Motown type girl, I still appreciated the 90’s era music. I want my Destiny’s Child and Jodeci music too. Maybe I should start my own singing group.

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