Leadership Skills

This is a total rant blog. I mean, it’s my blog and I can speak on all different matters right? I’ll answer that for myself…yes Monica! It takes a strong individual to be in the leadership role. You have to know your people and adjust accordingly. You can’t make people be something they aren’t. If they aren’t up to par in your eyes, you have to sometimes let team members go. But if you pick your team, you have to understand weaknesses and strengths of each person. If you are in leadership and have been so for awhile, you should know how each team member contributes to the forward movement of the team. You have to see how well they mesh or don’t. And you surely can’t abuse your authority or your team will dissipate faster than you can say boo!

Leaders have hard tasks, but you have to also know yourself. You can’t let emotions drive you or it will be a train wreck! You can’t take out your grievances on your team or you will be hated and cause a hell of a lot of tension. I think that a lot of people want to be in charge, but they don’t fully understand the role of a leader. You can’t be petty or try to dictate. You’re not Hitler, and if you are you’re doing it totally wrong. You have to be willing to join the team in work or you’re being lazy. You can’t delegate everything to others. Roll up your sleeves and help out! Being a leader is more than being bossy.

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