Mature Audiences Only

Just the other day, my 6 year old nephew was somehow startled by my sister and said “oh sh*t.” We were all surprised and asked him why he said it and his reply was that she scared him. We had never heard him say that, but he had to be informed that it was not right. You have to teach children right from wrong so they will know how to act when they get older. Now I’m not saying he will always act right when he gets older, but he definitely can’t say he didn’t know. This blog is dedicated to the adults (21 and older). This blog is about the fact that at this point in our adults lives, we just shouldn’t be doing certain things. Even if our parents told us or not, we have to take responsibility for ourselves now.

This topic popped into my head when I had to tell a 50 year old woman that she was acting like a high school kid. Now that may sound like I’m being disrespectful to my elders, but I was trying to shine a light on how she was behaving. Fortunately, it was well received. Hopefully y’all adults can take the points from this blog well, as being an adult is knowing your faults and changing them. I think we have forgotten that a simple nudge in the right direction is not a persecution. It’s okay that people want you to do better and push you in the direction to do so. It’s okay to agree to disagree if you think you got it all together. But I will challenge you to evaluate yourself as an adult for your betterment.

Here are a few things that one MUST know as an adult. Life just isn’t fair, so sometimes you just have to go on. We all may start together, but life will show up and we could very well finish at different times for our dreams and goals. Comparing yourself to others will keep you mentally drained. Love the ones around you while you can. Being petty isn’t cute or funny, so stop it. Everyone is not your friend, so stop with the thought that people won’t hurt your feelings just because you care for them. Family can sometimes be the ones who want to see your downfall so they can say they told you to play it safe. Do things when you’re afraid, either it will work or it won’t. Live your life for you and only you because in the end it only matters if you’re happy. Keep love in your heart, even when people try to pull the mess out of you. Just remember to always BE SWEET.

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