Stop Breaking Your Heart

I had an epiphany just the other day. It slapped me in the back of my head saying that being single in this day and time is steadily looking rough. I think we get to a point where we forget what we deserve, men and women, and settle for anything that gives us a glimpse of hope. We get all googly eyed when someone has manners, as if that’s a superpower. We call up the boys when she is single with no kids, as if that’s a unique quality. We put a lot of weight on the things that were once the norm, but because society has stopped doing them, we are happy with just plain ol’ regular actions. He holds a door and gets a gold star. She has a good job and a red carpet gets rolled out. We have to get our standards up because it seems as if we are breaking our own hearts from them being lowered.

Lowering your standards can come in many different forms, such as the following:

  • Having sex with someone just to keep them.
  • Putting up with someone just for the sake of having someone.
  • Being with someone just for the money, but they treat you wrong.
  • Playing dumb just so you won’t outshine someone.
  • Being with someone because they look good.

Just think back on the breakups you’ve in the last 5 years. Can’t you see in hindsight how you should have left them way before you did? Can’t you see how you probably didn’t spend enough time on the front end and how it affected the whole relationship? You let stuff slide thinking love would change a person, but a person only changes when they want to. I highly recommend that we give more thought to relationships in the beginning before we break our own hearts again. At some point in our ADULT lives, we have to take responsibility for our decisions or we’ll just be more miserable with someone than being alone.

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