Stop Tellin’ Your Business

Over the years we have really put a lot of effort and time into social media posts. It went from the short casual answer to what are you thinking to extremely long posts that take forever to read. Somehow along the way, we have confused social with tell all. I’m the first to admit that I post a slew of information on social media, and I need to calm it down. But I have seen people who are worse than me. You can’t go without posting what you ate for all 3 meals, go live on any event, and post half naked pictures where we can see all of your tail. I think we need to be more cautious as to what we post because people are becoming more conniving and preying on us daily.

My dad is against social media to this day, always saying we put too much of our personal information online. Although I hate to admit it, he’s actually right. We tell the robbers when we’re on vacation and away from the house. We tell cheaters when we are having trouble with our spouses. We even let our haters know when we’re down so they can be happy about our downfalls. We do the absolute most! The thing that makes it funny is when we tell every little detail of our lives, then get upset when people are in our business. You literally just posted your supposed private business to at least 500 plus “friends.” Stop being silly.

I like seeing people post their accomplishments, newborn babies, pictures of them at the beach, and all of that happy stuff. I hate to see people go back and forth with others when we should know by now that people have the right to their own opinions. Social media can be uplifting, and in the same scroll depressing. We really do need to be careful of placing all the pieces of our lives on sites that don’t always have people with good intentions. It’s almost like setting ourselves up to get taken advantage of with some of the craziness we post. Let’s do better and continue to Be Sweet.

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