Your Misery Can Birth Your Ministry

This past Sunday, I heard something that really stuck in my mind. The pastor said that not all of your close friends are in your life to please your ego. He stated, some people who are close to you are assigned to you because their betrayal will cause you to get to your destiny. It’s hard to fathom a close relative, friend, boyfriend, spouse, or sibling will be the cause of you getting so frustrated that you ultimately end up where you’re supposed to be. It almost makes you mad that someone who is supposed to care would do you wrong. It goes back to the point that just because you love someone, doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you. Now what you do with that hurt is up to you. Will you harbor it for so long that you explode and do something you regret, or will you allow the pain to guide you to a higher place in life?

I have been hurt so many times by people I didn’t expect it from, that now I just have to shrug some stuff off. It’s always a surprise because I am so loving and kind to people, but I can’t let the faults of others stop me from living a happy life. Yes, it makes you have trust issues at times, but you surely can’t stop trusting everyone. I have seen so many people get cheated on by their spouses and end up better for it. It’s like they had a slap in the face and they decided to let the pain run its course and then make a total come back. But truly, things like that can lead you to another level in life. You can be of so much assistance to others when you simply tell your story.

It can hurt to tell people the things you’ve been through, but it can heal so many people if you muster up the courage to do so. We like to feel as if there is at least one person who has been through a similar traumatizing experience. It makes us feel as if we weren’t targeted and that there are other people who have braved the battle to give us strength as well. So much empowerment can come from a testimony where a person was knocked to their lowest and came out on top. Yes, it sucks being leveled to the ground, but the GLOW UP will show you how it was necessary. Your misery can truly bring you to your ministry, but you have to want it to. You have to make a conscious decision to bless others with your story. You have to be transparent and that takes guts. Be the superhero you needed during your hard time.

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