Why Are Millennials Leaving The Church?

I think we can all agree that you can catch more bees with honey rather than vinegar. The unfortunate part about this concept is that the church doesn’t tend to use it when it comes to keeping or getting the millennials. This age group pertains to those who were born from 1981-1996, which is currently ages 23-38. Most like to think it’s the age group up to 18, but that’s a whole other challenge. Churches need to realize that the millennial age group is who they should be focusing on for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is that we will be their successors when the generations before them are gone.

One of the reasons I can write about millennials leaving the church is because I have seen a lot and heard my own friends discuss certain flaws of church folks. I understand that we’re a flawed people, church goers or not, which is why I have been able to overlook people and focus on the main goal, JESUS. One mistake churches have in influencing millennials, is that it seems to have a fishbowl mentality. No one is willing to get out of comfort zones to get the age group that will be the successors whether they like it or not. The Bible states for us to be fishers of men. When was the last time you saw someone fish from a fishbowl? I’ll answer that…Never!

Another reason millennials skip out on church is because the church isn’t willing to evolve. I understand that we shouldn’t be of the world, but the church does have the responsibility to keep up with society to know what will draw people in. Sorry to say this, but hymns won’t always do that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m old school Baptist and I love hymns, but my peers may not feel the same. The goals is to pull people in with something they can relate to. This can be done through fashion shows, gospel concerts, and young adult trips. You have to get them in with love first and foremost and not judgement. Remember, you didn’t come out the womb saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost.

One thing seasoned Saints have to keep in mind is that this age group is not without its talents. You have to pull on the strengths of millennials to get your church on a progressive path. These younger people are bosses on their jobs, heads of social groups, and entrepreneurs. What good is all of that talent when you overlook it? These people are changing the world, so imagine how much more it could help attract people to Christ. That is the common denominator, CHRIST. It’s not that millennials don’t love God, they just feel overlooked, judged, and looked down upon by the ones running churches. We have to bridge the gap by operating out of love because the world depends on it. Be Sweet.

One thought on “Why Are Millennials Leaving The Church?

  1. Well stated! My prayer is that season saints will read your blog. Then be able to welcome the millennial and/or any generation with Godly Love and Kindness.

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