Don’t Date When You’re Broke

Have you ever went to the grocery store hungry? You walked around and everything looked appealing to you. By the time you got to the register, you had a basket full of items that you didn’t really need and your total is astonishing. Well, it’s the same thing when you date while you’re broke. It’s like you forget any kind of standards and just start talking to anyone simply because they have money. I know everyone wants financial stability from a man that they want to marry, but this is different. At this point, you’re almost being a gold digger. And if any men are reading this blog, they are screaming YOU ARE BEING A GOLD DIGGER!

I know we have Meg The Stallion yelling at us to be all about the cash, but that’s not normal living. There’s no way you can possibly think being with a man solely because he has money will turn out good. Sure, it will start off nice, but then something will be asked of you. Most times it will be something you’re not willing to give. If that’s not the case for you, it will be mistreatment because the man is sustaining the entire relationship. Ladies, men do not like women who can’t or won’t contribute in any kind of way. Your good looks and sweet talking will get old, and I mean in age for sure. We need to get out of that mindset that men are okay with broke women as long as we are giving up the cookie. That’s not how the cookie crumbles sis.

Dating when you’re broke doesn’t look good on men either. Yes men, I rallied for you, now I have to speak up for my sisters. In fact, it looks even worse when a man is broke and living off of a woman. Eww! Yeah, it gets bad when a woman has to pay for everything and you are just sitting there at the restaurant looking stupid and not even willing or able to pay a tip. I had a guy say he was going to be short on his check, but was hoping that I could help him out. Hoping? Sir, I’m not the bank or your mother! There’s nothing worse than a man, of all people, looking for a financial come up through a woman. I seriously think dating while broke (DWB) is a big no no. You just can’t do what you could do if you were both financially able. Men shouldn’t have to pay for everything, and women need to learn to pay sometimes. It’s really that simple.

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