It’s Okay To Go To Plan B

Life has a way of throwing us some curve balls. Sometimes we knock them out of the park, and other times we get hit smack in the face. I, for one, can say that life has not gone the way I planned and sometimes I appreciated that and other times I did not. For one, I thought I would be married with children before the age of 25. Let’s just say that I am 33 and still haven’t been proposed to and I am very much so childless. Yes, I want to be married, but I have contemplated the child thing quite often. Had I been married and with child by 25, I would not have been able to explore as much as I have. I’m sure I would have enjoyed life, but it would have been a big difference from how I live my life now. I honestly think it’s better that life didn’t go as I planned it when I was in my early 20’s because I had no clue what I really wanted that early.

Often times if we didn’t do something right the first time or if things didn’t go as planned, we get all out of sorts. We fail to realize that nothing will ever go all the way as we planned. The number one thing is that if plan A doesn’t work, there are a whole slew of letters left from B to Z. It’s okay to not be perfect, which is what we are usually striving for and it’s unrealistic to expect it every single time. Yes, sometimes things go off without a hitch. But then there are those times when you have to out a little more effort into things the second or third time around. The thing is that we don’t quit after one attempt. Okay, you didn’t pass the bar exam the first time. They give you more than one chance. You didn’t get the job you wanted. There will be other opportunities and maybe you’re in store for something better. More than likely, you will be given second chances, so take them.

We get to the point where we start to compare our progress with that of others and therein lies a problem. I saw a meme that stated that even though popcorn is in the same bag, same grease, and same heat, the kernels still pop at different times. Your sibling or neighbor may pop before you, but your time is coming. You can’t base your life off of the failed moments and give up. You have to want it so bad that you go after it however many times it takes. Even if you get up to plan Z, at least you tried multiple ways. I think that’s the difference between mediocre people and successful people, they never gave up. So the question comes down to how bad do you want it? Are you willing to push past plan A; are you willing to dig deeper each try? The answer to that question will determine how your life will go.

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