Encourage Others To Dream Big

Everyone is a critic. Sometimes you feel like you’re one of the celebrities on the red carpet and there are these people who come from nowhere and critique you from head to toe. I’m sure we all feel like that from time to time. And we definitely feel like that when we are trying to accomplish something or we do something major. That’s when the critics want to put in their 2 cents. Why did you do that? What made you do it that way? You really think you’re doing something special? Blah! Everyone has a piece of advise to offer, especially when they are surprised that you made it. Keep in mind, they were nowhere to be found when you needed help getting your plans together and most even doubted you openly, saying you would never succeed. Yet here you are, doing big things and they just have to try to bring you down.

I can say that this blog is more personal than I would like to admit, but hopefully you can relate to me. Have you ever started something that you thought was absolutely amazing, but the people you thought would be supportive were not? It could be a new business plan, writing a book, relocation plans, or going back to school. You’re overly excited and when you finally get the nerve to really go for it, no one is really excited like you thought they would be. It’s actually very discouraging when friends and family are both luke warm about your huge dreams to be a better person. It almost makes you think if they really want you to be a better person. You have gone to bat for everyone and their dreams, but here they are looking at you crazy for wanting more. It actually upsets me because I would never downgrade anyone who is trying to succeed in life, so why am I getting a disapproving attitude?

I was so upset last week because of the discouragement from close people, but one Facebook friend put it in perspective. She stated that some people don’t have the faith to believe in my big dreams. When you dream big, no one seems to be on board at first. It’s like it’s beyond people that you or anyone could ever be onto something life changing. But when you blow up, they are the ones saying they were there with you from the beginning. Well, they were there, but there attitude towards it all was awful. I just wish that instead of discounting a person before they even get started, people would try the opposite and go full force on encouragement. I will say that I don’t wait for others to encourage me before I go after what I want, but it does make you feel at ease knowing someone is in your corner.

I know there are people who say they don’t need anyone in their corner to be great. That is exactly true, but it’s also very lonely. I don’t need people to support me, but I want them to. I especially would like it if I’ve ever supported someone in any way. You just expect that your support will be reciprocated. I truly don’t think that’s asking too much. Maybe this is a vent blog, but every now and then, one is needed. Maybe, just maybe, some of the not so supportive people in my life will take heed and change their ways. I just hope they do it before I become famous because it will be too late then. You want to know people are being genuine. Oh well, I got that off my shoulder. Now it’s onward and upward from here and don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Be Sweet.

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