Through The Fire


People think that since you’re strong in public that you do well walking through the fire.

Well let’s just say that my clothes are singed beyond recognition, I’m dying from dehydration, and my feet are blackened by the soot.

Yes, I have been walking through the fire for so long that the particles of my shoes have disintegrated. I hope my faith isn’t next.

My feet long for rest. Ash is my new skin tone and coals are my new path to glory.

But where is glory? Is it just around the corner or is it miles ahead?

Will there be water to quench my thirst or help at the end of the journey?

Will a pat on the back be my reward or will there actually be the reward I’ve set out to find on this long trailed journey?

The fire continues to burn, right down to the very depths of my soul.

Oftentimes, I’m not sure if I’m melting or being refined.

But I know that standing still won’t make it end any faster, so I continue trekking.

GOD I PRAY it will all be worth it!

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