Millennials Won’t Be Pushovers

The other day I turned down a job that paid a pretty good salary. Most people would think I’m crazy to say such a thing, but let me put it into context. For the last 4 years, I have had it in my mind to move to California. At first, I was leaning towards San Diego, but after my birthday trip to Los Angeles last year, it changed. I felt as if L.A. was pulling me and the platform that could come about in that atmosphere suited me more. I have been diligent in my wanting to move, so I felt as if taking a job that didn’t promote my purpose was pointless. A decision like that required an adult like attitude and growth. The fact that I said no so quickly showed me just where my heart’s desires where aimed towards. As I told my sister, I’m tired of jobs that make me miserable because I’m not called to do those things. I’m ready for a purpose filled career that motivates me to change the world one person at a time.

I know that I have been called to speak to the masses. My name alone means counselor or wise one. I just don’t think that sitting in an office doing so will be my final destination career wise. I like speaking and my true passion is writing, so I believe that gift will be what ushers me into the presence of greatness. Knowing what you truly want, no need to do is a huge responsibility in itself. It makes you not want to take any old job just for the pay raise. It makes you consider what impact you will have on other people’s lives when you do what you are supposed to do. I laughed at how the generation before millennials stayed on jobs for long periods of times, even though they hated their jobs. Most people in the generations before millennials never pursued their callings because they just wanted to be hard workers and provide an income for their families. There was nothing wrong with that, and it is quite an admirable trait. But my generation is more focused on purpose and comfort.

Some would call millennials quitters if they didn’t get past the surface of us. It’s not that we are quitters per say, but we just don’t want to stay in places where our hard work is not celebrated. To be honest, that shows high self esteem. Most of the people in my age group have degrees and special skill sets, so we want to use those skills and not under the pressure of toxic work cultures. It may not be known to a lot of people, but there are great work environments and everyone doesn’t hate their jobs. I, for one, am one who appreciates a good atmosphere and helpful work mates. This is the reason why we job hop and live on job websites looking for new jobs all of the time. Is it so bad to want to be treated right and paid for what we are worth? Those two things should go together! Anyone who tells you differently is not thinking straight.

One thing that other generations envy millennials about is them not being pushovers. We stand up for our rights, demand fair treatment, and won’t back down. The way we go about it may be extreme in certain cases, but we want to be heard. A profound statement will always get the attention of the people. In all honesty, our parents and grandparents should be proud that we stand up for what we want. They should be even more excited that we are out here trying to break generational curses and make our family names great. Not saying that the generations before us didn’t try to do the same thing, but we have a bigger platform to do so with social media. We use what is popular to get attention and bring about change. Every generation does things a little different from the ones before, so it shouldn’t be too far fetched to think we won’t. I’m glad that I turned down that job and I believe I will be rewarded for doing so and having the faith to know great things are ahead of me. Will you settle or will you go for what you deserve? Be Sweet.

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